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Don't wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.    -T. Harv Eker


Red Door Equities

Our company is focused on acquiring Class B & C value add commercial real estate in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. We acquire, reposition, and manage these assets for ourselves and our investors. We believe in the advantages this asset class of real estate has to offer through cash flow, forced appreciation, scalability, attractive tax benefits, and more. 

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We aim to provide our investors with attractive opportunities 

to invest in real estate hands-off while still being able to take part in all of the upside. Our investors are able to participate in the depreciation of the asset which greatly reduces the tax burden on the earned rental income. We believe in working towards financial freedom and think real estate is one of the best investment vehicles to get there.


A few values we've carried with us from the USMC.

Knowledge- Researching our markets, tactics, and learning from those that have gone before us. 

Integrity- Honesty and strong moral principles. Taking care of our tenants and investors and communicating effectively when things go right and wrong.

Initiative- Proactively tackling potential problems before they arise.  Enacting our business plan and efficiently dealing with issues.  

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